Welcome to Countryfeel

Are you looking for something a little different from a predigested holiday out of a can? Want to enjoy mile after mile of unspoilt countryside, water and woodland that stretches out for you alone? Sample the wealth of the European countryside with all your senses?

Countryfeel hitches the horse to the cart and takes you on ‘A rural journey’, a very finely mapped-out country discovery route in which only the most authentic agricultural regions of the continent are selected.

In this transfrontier cooperation you can discover the treasures of 8 exceptionally green areas in Flanders, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Spain and Wales. Each one a region where nature, the rural setting and the accommodation – a farm, a holiday farm, an old fortress, a rural casa - guarantee you a wonderful stay. For everyone’s taste and budget!

Countryfeel is the only quality label for a splendid, genuine, relaxing, affordable and thoroughly rural holiday experience. It’s up to you to pick the fruits!